DMX is a series of self-standing programs which can be used individually or combined seamlessly to make an EDI system which suits your needs. DMX products are available as Windows, Linux or UNIX Modules.

With DMX, organisations have a true gateway for business-to-business (B2B) transactions with partners and suppliers. It is scalable with increasing power and functionality from small to large systems. A single DMX system can support multiple users or enterprise departments. 


 Convert Application Intermediary files to EDI Interchanges


 Converts EDI Interchanges to Import files  for Applications


 Transforms Session Log Information into a Readable form


 Communication Interface for  EasyLink, TradaNet, POP3 and SMTP


 Data Re-formatter of flat files and conversion to other file types


 Data Re-formatter for Multiple Input Files allowing output of Reports and EDI Interchanges


 Data Re-formatter of EDI Interchanges, XML, CSV and conversion to other file types


 Standalone or Browser based for EDI Monitoring, Analysis and Display


 Powerful Table Editor (Mapper) allowing the mapping of EDI data to inhouse file formats


 Pre-Processor for XML to extract and match against profiles for transformation


 Sophisticated Scheduler to Run EDI Processes automatically at specified periods


 System for the receipt of EDI messages from either  EasyLink , Tradanet and FTP

                 DMX Price List                   Technical & Operational Overview           Sample DMX EDI Systems

EDIMatrix is aware that the initial cost of an EDI capability, particularly for low-volume users, has been a significant hindrance to the adoption of EDI.Prices are cost effective as you only pay for the modules you require. 


Scalable DMX modules allow you to grow with your business, integrate and exchange information with trading partners and customers. The Overview explains the operational aspects of the DMX system.


For a better understanding of how the DMX Modular system works in a scalable manner. We have included Sample Systems. These just show a small insight into the many ways DMX can be utilised.