We do more than just sell EDI software! Despite the considerable effort devoted to software development, we are primarily an EDI consultancy whose focus is on the design and installation of tailor made EDI solutions for companies of all sizes.

Data Transformation Service

Our Data Transformation service provides online automated processing of complex file and message formats, drastically cutting development and deployment time, reducing IT maintenance costs and eliminating laborious, error-prone manual data inputting.

EDI Consulting

Project Work

Define EDI requirements, document systems, VAN and Mailbox Setups, Systems Installations, systems testing and Troubleshooting

Message Design

Production of bespoke messages and Message Implementation Guidelines (MIGs)

Table Mapping

Creation of relationships between data items in your application interface files and the EDI message which bears the data.

Message Validation

Detailed Reporting of syntax errors or blemishes in Tradacoms, or any EDIFACT UNSM subset. We can also perform a 'style analysis' to tell you if the disposition of information within the messages conforms to sound conventional practice.

Education and Training

We provide a full range of courses and training programmes, from management briefings and orientation seminars through formal training in EDI with hands-on workshop experience, to technical education on our products and systems.

Bespoke Software

We have expert programmers for C, C++, VB and Intel assembler. Although it is unusual to encounter a client requirement which cannot be met by our standard products we can quickly and easily generate modules for special needs.