DMX is available for evaluation in full system mode or modular form to see if it fits your EDI trading requirements.

Full System

DMX is distributed for evaluation purposes as a self-installing archive with a comprehensive set of documentation, programs, and test data. In this form it is fully functional for about two months from the time of archive creation. After two months a 'nag' screen will be presented.


1. Download the Win32 DMX Setup Program

2. Execute DMXSETUP and then click when the installation program asks for continuation disk images

3. Accept default paths

4. Answer YES or OK to all queries except about multiple users; in that case click NO

5. Download documentation

Modular Form

If you are only interested in certain specific DMX modules, and do not wish to download a full Evaluation System, then in the D32 folder you can find a 'small' installation program called D32BASE.EXE .


1. Download the D32BASE.EXE program

2. Execute D32BASE.EXE and it will set up the structure of a DMX system for you

3. Download and place the modules you want in the C:\DMX\BIN folder and the tables, scripts, templates etc. in C:\DMX

Please note, if the modules you are interested in include the Gateway, the Scheduler, or the Network Interfaces then you will need the full Evaluation System.